Como usar fotografia e vídeo para promover a sua marca em 2020


Today, consumers are constantly filled with information, whether in the form of text, video or photography. There are thousands of ads in various formats that pass in front of the user. Therefore, it is important to be able to make a difference and stand out from the competition. In this article, we will help you understand how you can do this.

Photography and video prove to be increasingly powerful resources for brands to be able to communicate with their customers. With the right strategy, these multimedia resources can control the way a brand is viewed by its consumers and significantly increase the chances of potential customers becoming loyal and loyal customers.

Nowadays, consumers are used to this type of communication, in fact the tendency is less and less people to read and more and more to watch videos and images. However, it is not enough to just produce videos and photographs in any way. Without the right strategy behind, most likely the result will be wasted time and resources. So, as you probably don't want to waste time or resources, stay tuned for these tips that will help you use photography and video to promote your brand in the right way.


The development of a good strategy begins with the concrete definition of objectives. It is important to define and discover how your brand is unique in relation to all others, what you want to achieve and achieve and who your audience or potential customers are. With this well-defined information, it is possible to create a photography and video strategy that is able to persuade your potential customers.



Storytelling. You have probably heard or read this word. This is a technique that uses a narrative in order to create empathy and reach users emotionally. In fact, we all love a good story. Going further and being more concrete in the subject we are addressing, the visual storytelling also exists. In addition to existing, it has become a very important tool for marketers to communicate with their audience, using it to grab the attention of consumers and guide them on their journey to the much desired purchase.

Besides a good story, do you know what we all love? Emotions. Really! We love to feel things and photography and video do just that, create emotions and emotions sell.

An example of this are Super Bock's video and photo ads. They always tell some kind of story that touch us and move our emotions. They touch on issues such as friendship, sharing and celebration in such a powerful way that they make us want to schedule a dinner or socializing with our friends, or simply to be on the beach drinking a beer watching the sunset.


Tell a strong story but always in line with your brand's message.


During the creative process, it is important to keep in mind that photography and video will be a way for your brand to be heard and perceived. It can be a very effective tool to get the right message across, but it can also work the other way around and deliver a different message than you want. That is why it is so important that the strategy process is well aligned in the production and creation phase.

The creative process can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Planeamento de Pr?-produ??o
  • Produ??o
  • P?s-produ??o
fotografia e v?deo para promover a sua marca


With the objectives and the strategy well defined you can create a script for your video or a list of photos. Remembering that it is important to tell a story, convey your brand's message and reach consumers' emotions. It is also important to make a brainstorming of the most relevant questions you want answered with your video or photos. This is also vital for making a good choice of the cast that will be part of the session. It may be prudent to choose people who are very comfortable with your business and who know the company's values ??well and are able to transmit them easily.


Consumers increasingly value honesty, spontaneity and authenticity. It is very important to be able to convey this to convey confidence. Therefore, the recommendation will always be to try to capture something in action, such as building a product, interacting with customers, your products in action, etc. Try to balance the scene using natural light to add reality to the environment. This will help you to convey a more authentic message that will remain in the memory of the viewer.

fotografia e video para promover a sua marca


If the pre-production work is done well, outline the work well and comply with what is established in the production stage, the post-production task will be much simpler and more satisfying. It is important to realize that the real creation process takes place in the pre-production stage.

After cutting the most important parts and selecting the best photos, you can and should add colors, graphics or audio that highlight the most important points of the message you want to convey.

In short, photography and video with a good strategy can bring excellent results, help to convey a positive message about your brand and make consumers remember your brand, products and message for longer.

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